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Escape to the City Chapter 4
Morning came. It was a new day, and a continuous adventure for the toons. Bendy was the first to wake up. “Morning, Bendy.” Bendy turned around and saw Damien using a knife to carve on the walls.
“Morning!” Bendy beamed. He saw Damien’s drawings on the wall, and they we’re pretty good. “Hey that’s some pretty good art.”
“Thank you.” Damien replied. Damien put his knife away, and walked out of his hideout.
“Ow!” A girl yelped. Damien looked down and saw he landed on his sister, Jenny. The yelp was loud enough to wake up Boris and Alice.
“Jenny!” Everyone yelled. Jenny giggled, “morning guys.” She chirped.
Damien crossed his arms. “Jenny. I thought you went home?” He asked.
Jenny stood up brushing herself of as she replied to her brother, “I was, but it was too dark so I stayed here.”
“And?” Damien knew there was more too why Jenny stayed.
Jenny rolled
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Amulet Pretty Cure Episode 5
It was nighttime, and Frances was in her bed staring at the ceiling. She couldn’t sleep after finding out Iris was Cure Electric, but after the whole incident something else happened that grabbed the Pretty Cure in shock.
“So that means your part of the team now!” Cure Fairy beamed.
Iris looked at the cures and turned away. “Sorry, but I don’t want to join.”
“WHAT?!” Everyone yelled in shock.
“Y-Your not going to help us?” Cure Grass asked.
“But you’re a Pretty Cure! You’re supposed to help us!” Scott yelled. Iris didn’t respond she just looked at the cures and walked home. Cure Fairy stood there looking down feeling sad.
End Flashback:
Frances sighed and faced the wall. She wanted to know why Iris didn’t want to join them. She was good for her first try being a cure. Scott was still up feeling bad for Frances after what happened today. He hoped to talk to Iris tomorrow and find o
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Mirror Mirror Chapter 3
“Ow.” Joey groaned. He looked around and saw the studio of this other world, different then the studio he worked at.
First off, this studio was dark, and the smell of ink was strong. His studio was full of light, laughter, and the smell of ink wasn’t as strong as it was here.
“What happened here?” Joey asked. He took a tour around the studio, calling out to see if anyone was here. “Sammy! Susie! Henry!” No answer. “Norman! Wally!” He yelled once more, but still no answer.
Joey flinched seeing a wooden board fall right in front of him. He sighed in relief seeing it was nothing, but he saw something, or in his case someone familiar towards his left. “Boris! Oh I’m so glad to see-“ He stopped, covering his mouth in horror.
Boris was strapped to a table, his chest wide open, dead.
“N-No. I’m too late.” Joey cried. His own son was dead, and he wasn’t there to stop ‘Joey’. He
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0
BATIM- Mirror Mirror Chapter 2
Joey woke up, his eyes preventing to open due to the ceiling light. He was trying to remember what happened before he passed out. His memories came to surfaces as flashes remembering what happened, Joey doing the spell, the other Joey coming from it, the toons getting taken. Joey jolted up, hoping everything that happened was a dream, and the toons are safe and sound.
“Bendy!” Joey yelled, in hopes of the little imp hearing his calls.
“Yes.” Joey turned to face the door, and disappointment fell on his face when he saw it wasn’t Bendy, but Henry.
“Henry?” Joey asked. He tried to get out of bed, but the pain from before prevented him from making any movements.
Henry ran over to his boss to stop him. “Joey stop. You need to rest.” Joey grabbed Henry by the shoulders and looked at him in the eye.
“Where are the toons?” He asked.
Henry didn’t know how to respond. While, he wasn’t there for the whole thing he did s
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0
BATIM-Mirror Mirror Chapter 1
The wind blew on a nice spring morning. Mister Joey Drew was in his office reading some books he bought recently. Joey read through each book learning about new ritual and the history of dark magic. He figured to do more research on other rituals and spells, other than the ones he’s been doing for quite sometime. He found one that seemed interesting to him.
“Seeing yourself from the other side?” Joey read. It seamed interesting for him and he wanted to do it. He didn’t know what this spell would do, maybe show him his past, future? Who knows he was interested.
Joey went down to the attic where some old items and storage were and found an old mirror needed for the ritual. He took it to his office and drew a pentagram on the screen along on the floor where it was placed.
Joey chanted the spell and the mirror turned misty with a red glow around the mirror and later the floor. Suddenly a tremor happened, making the old man fall back.
“Joey! What’s going
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 5 0
Believe Pretty Cure Episode 1
A young girl with dark orange hair, a yellow ribbon tied on the side, and wore a blue idol outfit. She was on stage singing to a crowd of people.
On TV another young girl with black hair was watching her. It was late at night, and she should have been in bed, but no she decided to watch the young idol sing on live TV.
“Susie!” A voice called. But the girl, Susie, wasn’t listening, her eyes we’re glued to the TV. “Susie!” The voice called out again. “Susie!” Susie was so into her show she got scared and fell off the couch. “Susie do you know how late it is? Its 9:30 at night, you have school tomorrow.”
“S-Sorry mom.” Susie apologized getting up from the floor. “Allison Pendle has a concert tonight, and I want to watch because everyone will be talking about it at school tomorrow!” She explained.
Susie’s mother sighed as she shut off the TV. “Look I know she’s popular, but school is more
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BATIM-Dress Up
The toons sighed lying down on the floor looking at the ceiling. “I’m bored.” Boris sighed. Despite being toons, there were rare occasions where the toons would have boring days.
“Do you have plans on what we can do?” Alice asked.
Boris was about to say something, but closed his mouth and continued to look at the ceiling.
“Do you know any games we can play?” Bendy asked.
“No.” Alice and Boris replied dully. Bendy sighed and the two kept on looking up at the ceiling.
“Bendy! Boris! Alice! Come here I have something to show you!” Joey yelled. The toons looked at each other, got up and went over to Joey’s office.
“Yeah.” The three toons said at the same time. They saw Susie in the office holding a big box.
“Hi Susie! What’s that?” Alice asked.
Susie giggled. “Well my family and I we’re cleaning out the basement of our house and I found some old costumes and clothes me and my s
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0
Samsie-Birthday Date
Sammy walked on over to the Campbell house, a gift box in hand, a bouquet of flowers, dressed all nicely, and he was ready to celebrate Susie’s birthday. Sammy knocked on the door of Susie’s house and waited with a big smile on his face.
Susie’s father, Harold opened the door and smiled seeing Sammy. “Ah Sammy!”
“Hello, Mr. Campbell! Is Susie here?” Sammy asked.
Harold was about to answer when Susie’s voice was heard from her room. “Dad! Tell Sammy to hold on I’m still getting ready!”
Sammy chuckled and came in the house. He sat on the couch to wait for Susie to get ready. “So what plans do you have with my daughter?”
“Well. I plan to take her out for lunch then a walk at the park. To make it specific the same restaurant and park where me and Susie made it official.” Sammy explained.
Harold chuckled. The two guys talked for a while, but it wasn’t too long of a talk, as they heard a door clos
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 4 2
BATIM 90's AU- Girl's Day Out
Knock! Knock!
“Come in!” Alice Angel called not looking up from her magazine. Allison came in and collapsed on another couch groaning. Alice looked up from her magazine to see the voice actress in distress. “Allison is everything okay?”
“No.” Allison muffled through a pillow. “My plans with hanging out with my friends are ruined!” She cried. Alice put her magazine down and went over to Allison, rubbing her back.
“Cheer up Allison, I’m sure something will come up and you’ll have plans.” Alice emphasized. Allison looked up at the angelic toon and turned away. The angel thought for a moment, until a light bulb popped up. “Allison. I’ll be right back!” Alice dashed out of the room and into Joey’s office.
Alice went over to Joey and asked her if she can leave the studio this weekend to spend time with Allison. “Please. Joey. Please.” Alice begged.
Joey looked at the toon angel, and si
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Bendy and Kitty-Poor Little Kitty
Kitty groaned turning her back away from the door. The little cat toon got a fever this morning and Bendy advised her to stay in bed. Luckily, Bendy, Boris and Alice we’re there to take care of her today. Kitty sniffled reaching for a tissue next to her and blew her nose. “Bendy!” She called out before coughing.
“Coming!” Bendy called from the distance. Bendy ran into the room with an extra box of tissues and a glass of juice. “Here you go!” Bendy held the juice as Kitty, who was shaking took the glass and drank the juice.
“Thanks.” Kitty rasped, her voice hurting.
Bendy shushed her to keep her from loosing her voice. “Your welcome.” He whispered. Bendy gave Kitty a kiss on the cheek and left her room, so she can rest.
“How’s Kitty?” Boris asked turning to face Bendy coming towards him and Alice.
“Still sick.” Bendy replied.
“Poor thing.” Alice sighed. The three too
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 2
Bendy and Kitty-Picnic in the Springtime
A picnic basket on top of the table stood there with a bunch of food on it. There were cookies, sandwiches, bottles of pop and many other snacks. A young cat toon named Kitty came by and started to set everything up. Today was the first day of spring, and Kitty decided to host a First day of Spring Picnic with Bendy. Humming a little tune and getting everything packed she was ready to go and meet up with the little devil darling.
Speaking of Bendy, the little devil brought over a picnic blanket he waited for Kitty to come by with the food. Bendy wanted to make this picnic special for him and Kitty. That’s right him and Kitty. Bendy didn’t want Boris or Alice to join in on this picnic, due to his relationship with Alice and the last time Bendy had a picnic Boris took his food.
Bendy just wants one peaceful picnic with his sister, just him and Kitty. No one else.
“Hi Bendy!” Kitty yelled, waving to her brother.
Bendy smiled. “Hi Kitty,” Bendy’s m
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 2
Amulet Pretty Cure Episode 4
Frances was still in bed asleep. It was the weekend so it was a great day for her to sleep in. Scott was the first to wake up, and went on Frances’s bed to wake her up. “Frances, come on wake up.”
Frances moved to the side not facing Scott. Scott ran to the other side trying to wake up Frances. “Come on Frances wake up.” Still Frances wasn’t waking up. “We have to find the fourth Cure Bracelet.” Scott struggled to get Frances to wake up, but no avail. “Alright. I didn’t have to do this.” Scott then head butted Frances causing her to wake up.
“Scott! Its early in the morning!” Frances yelled.
“I know.” Scott replied. “But that’s not the case. You promised to help me, Lily and Ashley find the missing Cure Bracelet.” Frances ignored Scott and went back to sleep.
After closing her eyes Frances opened them again to see Ashley and Scott glaring at her. “Ashley? Lilly?” Fran
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Sweetheart Pretty Cure Episode 10
“Kagami?” Another voice asked.
Kagami slowly opened her eyes. Once her vision was clear she saw Yoru and Junko in her room. “Junko? Yoru? What are you two doing in my room?” She asked.
“It’s a big day today at the shopping district!” Junko cheered. “Lots of things are on sale and the newest boutique you’ve been waiting for is finally open!” As Junko was cheering Kagami got up from bed and pushed Junko out. Junko realized this and started knocking on the door. “Kagami! What the heck!” She yelled.
“Let me get ready Junko!” Kagami called out through the other side of the door.
Junko calmed down and gave a small smile. Yoru went to Junko’s ear and whispered, “Um isn’t today Kagami’s birthday? Should she stay in bed till the party?”
Junko smiled. “Don’t worry. We’re taking here while Aya-chan and the others set up her surprise party.
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 0 0
Cuphead- King Dice's New Powers
Footsteps we’re getting closer to the entrance of what was once the Devil’s casino. The once good for nothing lackey, King Dice headed to the door of his boss, The Devil. Looking at the door for a second he gave it a knock.
On the other side of the door, a familiar sinister smile formed. “Its open.” The voice growled.
The door creaked as King Dice slowly stepped inside. “You wanted to see me, Boss?” He asked.
The Devil turned around and faced his right hand man. “Ah Dice, long time no see.” He motioned for Dice to come closer to his desk. “How are things holding up for you since the little cups ruined our lives?” He growled.
King Dice sighed. “My life has been terrible, no one would hire me or give me a new job due to my past here, but I didn’t cry and wallow about it. I didn’t need those jobs anyways.”
The Devil sighed. “Don’t know where I’ll be after they tear down this place.”
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 0
BATIM- No Angel's Allowed
Alice was in her room writing on her journal. It was a simple day at the studio, everyone was doing his or her jobs, and Sammy was in a good mood. When Sammy was in a good mood it meant today will be a good day. While she wrote in her notebook Bendy and Boris we’re going back and forth with wooden boards, blankets and pillows. Curious, Alice put down her journal and followed her brothers.
The fallen angel saw a hand made clubhouse being built by Boris, while Bendy was writing a sign for the clubhouse.
“Bendy, Boris,” The toons looked up seeing their sister, “What are you doing?” She asked.
“Building a clubhouse.” Boris replied putting the finishing touches on the clubhouse.
“Cool!” Alice beamed.
Bendy and Boris went inside their clubhouse, with Alice trailing behind, but Bendy pushed her out.
“Hey! What was that for!?” Alice snapped.
Bendy added the sign to the clubhouse;
Alice gasped and
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 4 0
Amulet Pretty Cure Episode 3
It was nighttime, and the whole neighborhood was dark, except for one house, where a room had a bright light coming through. It was Lilly at her desk, drawing on her sketchbook.
When she was drawing she flashback to yesterday where she saw Frances and Ashley transformed into Pretty Cure and battled the Nymphlum. As she got done with the drawing she smiled as she looked at her latest creation; Cure Fairy.
“Cute.” Lilly giggled.
(OP: Unlock! Amulet Pretty Cure)
Lilly was walking on her way to school, smiling brightly. She stopped seeing Frances, Ashley and Iris talking. Lilly stopped in her tracks, she wondered if she should tell Frances and Ashley, what she saw yesterday. She then shook it off and smiled.
“Cure Fairy!” Lilly beamed.
Frances and Ashley freeze and slowly turned their heads towards to Lilly.
“Cure Fairy?” Iris asked.
“Iris! Why don’t you go to class, and we’ll meet you there.” Ashley said pushing Iris away, as Fra
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Gamer bendy by Flappy27 Gamer bendy :iconflappy27:Flappy27 30 2 [commission] mysterious by GirlWithTheGreenHat [commission] mysterious :icongirlwiththegreenhat:GirlWithTheGreenHat 26 0 Car Trip by Dobermutt Car Trip :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 273 17 .:GLITCHED GIRL:. (Commission) by The-Butcher-X .:GLITCHED GIRL:. (Commission) :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 396 30 Macemon by Centchi Macemon :iconcentchi:Centchi 186 13 PPFS 98 by LetsuDraw PPFS 98 :iconletsudraw:LetsuDraw 7 5 BATIM Sketches by Dobermutt BATIM Sketches :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 170 14 Hang On Henry, Help Is On The Way by Gamerboy123456 Hang On Henry, Help Is On The Way :icongamerboy123456:Gamerboy123456 274 13 Summer is Coming by InkHyaena Summer is Coming :iconinkhyaena:InkHyaena 127 18 This is not over by LillielZangeki89 This is not over :iconlillielzangeki89:LillielZangeki89 54 2 The bump by BendySmileyDemon The bump :iconbendysmileydemon:BendySmileyDemon 58 6 Trio Group by WaterFox-Studios Trio Group :iconwaterfox-studios:WaterFox-Studios 103 6 Meloetta by Masae Meloetta :iconmasae:Masae 251 21 Trickywi Fanart - Sylveon Used Trump Card by StarrBunnyArt Trickywi Fanart - Sylveon Used Trump Card :iconstarrbunnyart:StarrBunnyArt 14 0 Bendy's boredom by BendyantheSinMachine Bendy's boredom :iconbendyanthesinmachine:BendyantheSinMachine 29 10 Alice Angle and Ink Alice Angle by mikaylamae1229 Alice Angle and Ink Alice Angle :iconmikaylamae1229:mikaylamae1229 5 0


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So I saw MLP season 8 and its really good so far! Proud for Twilight making a stand today especially since today is also March4OurLives. 

But yeah like I promised I will be starting my MLP Pretty Cure series sometime soon. Name of the series Friendship is Magic Pretty Cure (I have thoughts of renaming it to Tomodachi no Mahou Pretty Cure.) I'll start it soon right after I finish and post Amulet Pretty Cure. Also when I do a new Pretty Cure series I'll make an introduction to the new cure post like what HaChaPC-KKPCALM did. It will almost be like pass the baton, but more of like "We have a new cure series joining us today! Check it out!"

But that's all for today! Good luck to all this marching at March4OurLives today! I'm proud of you all!!

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A little help?
You know how in recent Pretty Cure series there's a pass the baton? I made something similar but more of introducing a new Pretty Cure series that will be on my page? I was wondering should this be posted along side the new chapter or seperate? Let me know!
Finished Episode 4 of Amulet Pretty Cure, but can't post it right now. I'm heading out for the day! I'll post it tonight or tomorrow after college.
So my friends over on discord found this chibi creator and here are some chibis I made so far!


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