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So I saw MLP season 8 and its really good so far! Proud for Twilight making a stand today especially since today is also March4OurLives. 

But yeah like I promised I will be starting my MLP Pretty Cure series sometime soon. Name of the series Friendship is Magic Pretty Cure (I have thoughts of renaming it to Tomodachi no Mahou Pretty Cure.) I'll start it soon right after I finish and post Amulet Pretty Cure. Also when I do a new Pretty Cure series I'll make an introduction to the new cure post like what HaChaPC-KKPCALM did. It will almost be like pass the baton, but more of like "We have a new cure series joining us today! Check it out!"

But that's all for today! Good luck to all this marching at March4OurLives today! I'm proud of you all!!
So last night I was thinking up some ideas for my Precure series and thought of releasing them all. I know it sounds like much but don't worry I'll be okay working on more than one Pretty Cure Fan series. I won't release them all in one go, I have a schedule on when I want to post them.

Beach Paradise Pretty Cure will be released after I post Chapter 5 of Amulet Pretty Cure

Tea Time~Pretty Cure will be released after Chapter 17 of Sweetheart Prety Cure

There are also two other Precure series I do plan to release soon too but that I don't have info yet. Speaking of Pretty Cure Info. I'm going to change the layout of them. It feels very unorganized with how I wrote them down, so I'm going to update them at some point this week. They layout will be:

Name (Civillian Name/CureName)- (Bio)
Transformation Speech: 
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

I'm going to remove the Trivia and other uneeded stuff so its more easy to learn and understand.

Hope everyone has a great day~
So I got into doing Nuzlocke's again, and I decided to do a Pokemon Sun Nuzlocke! Thing is I need help in choosing my starter Pokemon. I have a poll on Twitter for you guys to help me choose my starter.…

If you don't have twitter let me know on here.

Pokemon Sun Nuzlocke will be this weekend.
I have a shoutout to my good friend Livy! She's an amazing person and youtuber. If your into gaming videos and original songs subscribe, coment and like!

Link to her youtube!…
So for the past few days I've been wanting to work on my fanfics more due to my college classes getting a little more harder next semester, so I thought of some ways to get fics done and posted while juggling school work.

The first one is that I have a weekly work date with my fanfics. For example if I want to get SHPC (Sweetheart Pretty Cure) out on Sunday, but I don't I'll get the next chapter set up anyways.

Second, I want to post all my fanfics on Friday or Saturday, that way if I get busy with school work I can just keep the fanfics on hold and post them all on Friday or Saturday. For my BATIM and Cuphead fics over on tumblr they'll be on queue. 

Now these are just ideas and I may not go along with it in the coming months, but this is just a general idea on how I may post my fanfics!

Have a nice night and I'll see you soon!
So its been a while since I wrote my Pretty Cure Fanseries, and as you can see I'm getting back into writing them. I also started writing a new one as well, Amulet Pretty Cure. Well now I had ideas for some new ones that I've been meaning to put out. I'm not sure when I'll be working on these, but it will be soon! I don't have full summeries yet, just the titles. 

The Fanseries I have are;

Friendship is Magic Pretty Cure- A MLP Pretty Cure crossover I had when I made Sweetheart Pretty Cure (SHPC). All I'm working on now is human names for the girls.

Tea Party~Pretty Cure- A new series I thought of. I created three girls for this contest and I don't remember if I lost or the contest was cancelled. I'm going to use one of the characters from one of my cancelled Pretty Cure Fanseries and use the three girls from the contest as the team.

And there you go! A few more fan series from me! I do plan on opening a tumblr blog for my fancures at some point, but I don't know when. I'll let you guys know when I do!

Till then see you later~

Who's excited?!
Just today my grandmother from the Philippines, my mom’s mother. Passed away today :(. It took a toll on my mother and I can’t sleep.

(Copied from Tumblr)

Hey guys! Starting Monday I’ll be attending college. Thing is its online school, so I will be here to chat with you guys! Not a lot, but just from time to time. So wish me good luck Monday!
Like the title says, yes, I had a bad day at the start of the new year. Here's a link to what happened yesterday.…

I'm fine now, but until Friday I'm not writting for a bit.…

Anyways I hope you have a nice day
Its almost the new year and I decided to write down my goals/plans for the new year. I mentioned them over on my Twitter, but I decided to go into more detail about my plans. (Most are Youtube releated)

1. Comic Dubs- After releasing my first ever comic dub over on Youtube, I may start focusing more on comic dubs then covers. Starting the new year I'll be focusing alot on comic dubs, not sure if they will be released daily (like most comic dubbers), weekly, or just when I get one done. So far I have auditions of a Cuphead comic dub and I have two BATIM comic dubs coming soon.

2. Warriors Audio Drama- My goal for my Warrior cats audio drama to be released will be one of my other top priorities. I was supposed to release it this year, but I got distracted with BATIM fanfics, had to redo the whole script, and other things so I never got to finish episode 1. Luckily, episode 1 is halfway done so by January or Febuary I can start releasing videos for it.

3. Pokemon Videos- So I'm going to try and do Pokemon videos. I did make a poll if I should make a Poketubing account or put all my Pokemon videos in my main account, and some decided to have all my Pokemonvids on my main account. My youtube will have a HUGE library of videos for you guys to watch from comic dubs, my audio drama and Pokemon videos.
Speaking of Pokemon videos, these would be the kind of videos I'll make. (You know there's a 50% chance I might just make a 2nd account)

4. Complete a Nuzlocke- I failed so many Nuzlocke's and I want one Nuzlocke to win and challenge. (Speaking of challenges I'm doing a Monotype challenge)

5. Get my drivers license- No words.

Anyways hope everyone had a great 2017! Let's hope 2018 would be a great year!!

UPDATE: Casting call is CLOSED I got everyone for the comic dub! I do plan on making a part two for the other bosses if needed. Again thank you for auditoning!!…

Since it came out, I got into Cuphead and there’s been two comics I had my eyes on. With permission, I was able to dub them.


Paying the Price- Comic by NinjaHaku21. Few months since defeating the devil, everything has been going well all over InkWell Isle. Before they shut down the casino, Cuphead and Mugman decide to check it out not realizing someone was waiting to collect their debt.Link to Comic: 


TheEmster97 Cuphead Comic (There’s no name to this comic)- During the battle with King Dice, Mugman decides to sell his soul to save Cuphead’s life, and what that the casino and Mugs disappeared. 2 years have passed and Cuphead searches for his brother, and when he finally finds him, well…Link to Comic: 


I got more Cuphead comics in mind, but these two are my main goal! I will make future casting roles for the other Cuphead bosses and NPC’s!

Rules: (There are only two)-Must have a discord or any way of contacting you. (I’ll send you my discord code once you get the role)-Have fun!

I did a cover of this song! Not sure if I'll do the other songs. I want too, but not sure if I'll have time.
Ever since finishing Pokemon Ultra Moon I’ve debated weather if I should coutinute The Alola 4 or just delete it! I’ve been having trouble with the next chapter for the past couple months.
Hello guys. I came back after being in a bubble playing Pokemon Ultra Moon and Pokemon Platinum. Soon I'll be in the bubble again playing Pokemon Ultra Sun. Well I'm doing a theme in both games. In UM I nicknamed my Pokemon after BATIM characters and in US I'll be naming them after Cuphead characters!

Now during my play though, I thought to myself back from my popular Pokemon fanfic. This little thing right here: dreamnoteprincess.deviantart.c…

In my mind I want to write a Pokemon Adventures fanfic with Wally. Now this is just an idea as of now mainly because I want to know which region (Alola or Sinnoh) for Wally to adventure in, and that region will give Wally his starter Pokemon. It'll be similar to Pokemon, I Choose You (Both the TV episode and movie) but with a new region a.k.a different story line. There is a chance it might just be a one chapter fanfic then a full fanfic so I don't have to stress with writing everything.

Now some of you might be thinking: "Dream weren't you working on a Pokemon fanfic months ago?!" To which I should answer; The Mark Side Pokemon fanfic? Well I don't work on it as much since A, I wasn't enjoying writing it and B, I may delete it or give it to someone who would love to work on it.

Anways that's just some news from me. Now let me know what you think of this idea?

Now that we know Chapter 4 is in production. This got me thinking what we'll see
-More 'Alice' (she'll probably give us more 'errends' in order to save Boris)
-Save Boris
-New enemies
-Save Boris
-New Workers?
-Save Boris
-Save Boris
So today FeelingGenki and I went to see Pokemon the movie I Choose You! It was a great movie! I love it!!

Also in other news, I did a few mini drabbles over on my batim fanfic blog on tumblr and I'll be posting them on here tomorrow, or later tonight. 

Anyways enjoy your night/week!